An extremely unique title that can be loads of fun to anyone who putstime in it or a fun little fad for everyone else

User Rating: 7 | Electroplankton DS
Electroplankton is a seriously, seriously unique title. To call it a game would be wrong since there's no concept of goals or challenge involved. To call it an instrument wouldn't be right either because little to no talent is required to create something decent sounding. To sum Electroplankton up quickly or to place it in a category seems unjust.

Elektroplankton consists of ten different plankton, each which is controlled uniquely and produces different sounds. Some simple ones are controlled simply by being tapped on or by having lines drawn through them, while others require usage of the microphone to achieve the desired effect. Basically, with each of the ten plankton, each of which could be seen as an individual mode, you're dillydallying and trying to create something that is pleasing to your ears. It's fairly easy to create something fun and pleasant, but true mastery comes with time.

In Electroplankton, each plankton's mode is fun, but the player will most likely find one they like the most and stick to. Based on the amount of time the player wants to sink into their experimenting, they can remain a novice, someone who plays the game casually and never produces anything particularly noteworthy, or they can perfect the planktons, creating some crazy sounds that they'll swear should be recorded. The games extremely accesable and anyone could enjoy themselves with the title.

One major thing that's upsetting about Electroplankton is the inability to record your creations without the assistance of an external recording device. It would have been nice to be able to record an especially interesting piece, but if you're someone whose pieces are worthy of a recording, odds are you'll just create another great song next time.

Overall, Electroplankton is undeniably fun. Though a lot of people won't see it as much more than a temporary distraction, it's still a blast while it lasts. There's pleanty of replay value, which is nice, and there's nothing else truly like Electroplankton. It's an incredibly unique experience.