surprisingly original

User Rating: 8 | Electroplankton DS
i rather enjoy this game... its not like any other. and in case people were wondering, this could be classified as a rhythm game. the game itself features quite a few different modes of play; all of which are played with the stylus. the cool thing is, almost all of the features of the DS are used, including the microphone, stereo speaker panning, and of course, the stylus.

the game gives off an ambient mood, with deep and watery 2D visuals. there are some game modes where you use the microphone, for example to record samples of your voice with 4 channels to choose from, and incorporate them into a drum beat while they play back. however, most of the game modes are just simple tools to create cool sounds.

there is no record/playback feature in this game, although in some game modes you can create short beats, but they only stay in the game's memory for a short period of time... so once you create a beat, it will eventually stop playing back, leaving you with a blank canvas bit by bit.

i would consider this game just a tool to play music, like a simulator. there are 2 modes of gameplay; performance and audience mode. performance mode is where you go through the tools and modes to create your own ambience and sounds, while audience mode basically plays through all of the game modes on its own with premade configurations.

this game sounds nice when plugged in to a sound system, but again, i would only consider this game a tool for creativity.