Short but fun.

User Rating: 7.2 | Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures PS2
The gameplay and controls were simple. The game controled pretty well but the jumping was horrible. Sometimes in a level you tryed to jump to a ledge that you could barely reach. The stealthy parts were fun though. I liked how you could hide behind alot of things in the levels. Overall the game was pretty interactive and I liked the characters different weapons and secial moves. I also liked the caracter combining moves.

The grapics were pretty bad.The characters looked really crappy and the animation was blocky and didn't look good. There were alot of glitches that screwed you up while playing. The levels looked the same and the different setups were alike. Everything looked like blocks or somthing.

I did like the sound. The music was from the show and so was the voice acting. I really liked how they used the origanal voices. The sound effects got pretty annoying. Still even with the real voice actors hereing Eddys voice over and over again got annoying.

The value didn't hold up really well. You could find jawbreakers and unlock things. It did take a little while to find all of the jawbreakers and you could find pieces of clothing and unlock two different levels. One of them was really fun because you had the monster costume and the level was in black and white.

The tilt was really good. The games controls were really good and fun to use. You could play an easy level then the next level would be pretty challenging. The game was surprisingly fun to play. I actually liked it.