This game's good, but has very bad image.

User Rating: 6 | Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures PS2
Okay, time for me to review this game. This was based on one of my favorite cartoons, "Ed Edd N'Eddy". This game has a funny plot and has a fair formula. But like The Simpsons Game, the graphics were kinda bad and not perfect. There are also many glitches here. I liked in one bonus level where they parodied Godzilla, like "The Return Of Edzilla". That was hilarious. The animated sequences made a lot of sense that fits with the actual show. The running chickens with easter eggs remind me of those rabbits on Super Mario 64, and those thieves in colored costumes in Spyro games(original series only). But be careful on the robot level, there's some really hard parts there that took me a friggin amount of time to complete. This game is pretty fun to play but I grade it a 6 because of the graphics they had.


Next time, try better graphics or just make it 2-D.