ECHO (2017) Cheats For PC

  1. Cosmetics and Features

    All the orbs for a level must be collected in a single playthrough for the cosmetic or feature to be unlocked. For example, you cannot collect 12 orbs (out of 17) for the Entrance level and replay the level to get 5 orbs for the unlockable. You must collect all 17 orbs before progressing to the next level. The ring circling Foster's cube indicates the amount of orbs left. The right number counts the amount of orbs required to access the main elevator and clear the level. The left number shows the amount of orbs left in the level itself. Even if the right number reaches zero, you still need to bring down the left number to zero to be rewarded with these unlockables.

    Collect all 60 orbs in the Babel level of Chapter IV Big Heads
    Collect all 96 orbs in the Abyss level of Chapter V Body Mass
    Collect all 35 orbs in the Purity level of Chapter III Red Hot Laser
    Collect all 84 orbs in the Ascendency level of Chapter VI Scarlet Suit
    Collect all 17 orbs in the Entrance level of Chapter II War Paint

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ECHO (2017) Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Push an Echo over a railing Airtime
    Get Foster back Back on track!
    Pick up 50 Suns Cellery Man
    Unlocked all other trophies Complete
    Reach Chapter VI Enlightenment
    Traverse infinity for a while Enter Infinity
    Kill 3 Echoes by shooting a Sun Exploding Barrel
    Have Echoes know how to sprint, vault, use doors and walk in water at the same time Fast learner
    Complete the fifth Verse Final Verse
    Complete the first Verse First Verse
    Kill 10 Echoes with Crystal Balls Fortune teller
    Complete the fourth Verse Fourth Verse
    Line up and shoot 3 Echoes with a single shot Hattrick
    Shout and get the attention of 8 Echoes at once Hey Girls!
    Take out 47 Echoes with the stealth takedown Hitman
    Line up and shoot 6 Echoes with a single shot Impaler
    Push 5 Echoes at once with the Riot Gun Knockout
    Make a 2 cell energy drop during a blackout Leap of Faith
    Finish the game on Ultra Hard Mastery!
    Look at yourself in the mirror excessively Narcissist
    Eat 5 pieces of fruit during a single blackout Nightsnack
    Reach Chapter V Oblivion
    Eat 20 pieces of fruit Om nom nom
    Play the whole piano piece during a blackout One man band
    Collect a Voice by having an Echo strike it Outsourcing
    Use Area Scan 20 times Paranoid?
    Throw 20 Crystal Balls Pitcher
    Get 2 additional Cell capacity slot Power up x2
    Get 4 additional Cell capacity slots Power up x4
    Get an additional Cell capacity slot Power up!
    Reach Chapter III Purity
    Push 50 Echoes Pushover
    Complete the second Verse Second Verse
    Activate the palace She's waking up
    Finish the game on any difficulty Sweet sorrow
    Take out a Hyper Echo The bigger they are...
    Pick up every orb in every caste level The Right Stuff
    Complete the third Verse Third Verse
    Shoot 200 Echoes Violence breeds violence
    Reach Chapter IV Vitality
    Collect 10 Voices Voice x10
    Collect 100 Voices Voice x100
    Collect 25 Voices Voice x25
    Collect 50 Voices Voice x50
    Collect all Voices Voice! Voice! Voice!
    Have Echoes play the harp and piano at the same time. We're getting the band back together
    Distract 5 Echoes at once with one Crystal Ball What was that?
    Tag 100 Echoes You're it

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