A pleasure to play not just a great game but an underwater dolhin simulator Ecco you have always rocked

User Rating: 10 | Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future PS2
I have this game also on the Dreamcast but due to a sometimes faulty controller i bought the PS2 version aswell.

I will say this it seems easier on the Playstation maybe its just me replaying the game or maybe with a good new pad i could make those jumps in the hanging waters level but either way i love this game.

It could be called a dolphin simulator it is just that good you can do everything a dolphin can and then some, due to ecco developing some powers during the game.

This is for me one of my all time favourite games, dolphins being my favourite animal and just love putting the game in and just playing a level or 2 or once i had it finished i played a bit of dolphin football very different during the world cup.

Honestly people who should get this would be anyone who likes dolphins or like underwater adventures or wants to try something new on the PS2.

It has been out a while so it should be in a bargain bin or in a deal somewhere.

I cannot recommend it highly enough even bought the soundtrack as the songs somehow got stuck in my head.

Think i may play it again tonight :)