The Ecco series delivers yet another hard game.

User Rating: 9 | Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future PS2

-Outstanding soundtrack
-Great graphics
-Good story
-Interesting level designs
-Great new gameplay features
-There's a lot to do


-Camera is a problem at times
-Puzzles are once again WAY too challenging at times...


Ecco is back! And now in 3-D! Everything you know and remember has been upgraded...everything except for the camera that is...The music in this game is great! It's emotional and fitting per each level and situation. The grapchis are once again a plus, everything looks beautiful and well designed.

If you played the Ecco games for it's challenge, you won't be disappointed. Ecco is as hard as ever...almost too hard. Camera as I stated a couple of times is a bit of a problem and DOES take some getting uses to...Otherwise this game is worth getting especially for those who played the past Ecco games. For newcomers, only those who want a challenge, otherwise, rent first...