Smooth platforming with gunplay,colorful and great artstyle,has humor and is a fun game for the GENESIS.

User Rating: 9 | Earthworm Jim GEN
Earthworm Jim was an enjoyable platformer during the 16-Bit era.The gameplay felt very smooth and natural.Jim could cling to ledges and he wore a special suit(that has muscular arms and legs)that allows him to use a machine-gun and so he can grab his own body and use it like a whip or to wrap around hooks to pull himself to different ledges.

EJ is one of the best looking 16-bit games because it's graphics are colorful and have a nice artsyle and flowing body movements.The levels have areas where you can die from pitfalls but gunplay is a big part of EJ too because you'll need to shoot enemies and even though certain enemies can be killed by whipping them with EJ's body,the gun is much more effective and will stop enemies removing big chunks of your health.EJ's machine-gun can be aimed straight up,down,left,right or in diagonal directions too which is helpful when crows are attacking you from above at awkward angles and other creatures are attacking you from angles.EJ's machine-gun can run out of bullets so you'll want to be efficient in how you aim and shoot,but you can pick up more ammo throughout the levels.EJ can also make his body hover and at times you'll need to do so,so he can reach a platform safely.

I like how the crows would be shot to pieces from EJ's gun and the crows would squark in agony when they were being shot and it was hilarious.

The game has quite a bit of humor.At the beginning of the game,you can launch a cow which will result in a big surprise for Jim later on.A certain boss will burp fish at Jim and he'll try to drop toilets and fridges on Jim.Some mutants behave like dogs and will but Jim on the butt.There's a stage that resembles Hell,and there's insurance salesmen attacking you and an evil snowman in the firey depths of Hell!

The environments can be in a junkyard,Hell,underwater city,space stations.

There's also a gameplay section where you'll have to control an underwater machine and guide it to another underwater building and if you hit the rocky places on the ocean floor too many times,the machine will break and you'll lose a life.

Besides the crows and mutant dogs and insurance salesmen,the other enemies are buff gorillas who cannot be harmed from machine-gun fire and if they grab you they'll pound big chunks out of your health so you'll need to carefully maneuver past them.

I like the detail in the graphics,such as how the junkyward is filled with all sorts of junk and the mutants dogs are bright yellow in color to make them look like toxic waste has affected them and the graphics give some nice 3D style effects to certain areas.

The music is charming and can be entertaining and the music for the Hell stage will be soothing(yes that's right,the music in Hell sound soothing and relaxing),although you will hear people yelling and screaming in Hell becaue they're being tortured.

The only things I don't like about this game is there is no password or save system and the game can be difficult and hard to beat without a password/save system.

Overall,it's still one of the best 16-Bit games I have played.