Better than the PC version!

User Rating: 9 | Earthworm Jim HD X360
This is the greatest arcade game on the 360 because they brought an awesome classic to the 360. The Earthworm Jim i had on the computer broke and i was so very disapointed because when i was little thats what i played. Then when i saw it on the xbox marketplace, i was on of the happiest gamer in the world. It was just 800 microsoft points, and i think they should of been more because thats just how good it is, but hey cheaper right! I always start of with the storymode and i thought it was so funny and fun. Well even though it really didnt have a story to it, I still thought it was so fun. Many bosses and enemies to fight. Also i think there was about 20 action packed levels. I love the weapon that they give you too. Its a wicked fast machine gun and i just love it. After i beat it, I went to the multiplayer. I was kind of sad because not a lot of people played it. When i saw one of my friends playing it, we played it together. There was many different levels and there all just so much fun. After i finished all of the multiplayer levels i went to a different game. I do recommend this game to some gamers, not all because too much people are to hyped on call of duty and halo. They just never take the time to play this game. I know they will probably never put number 2 on to the 360, but if they do that would be pretty cool!