Earthworm Jim Hd is a great update from the genesis classic

User Rating: 7.5 | Earthworm Jim HD X360
Earthworm Jim Hd is a really good updated versions of a great game the graphics are really good the game plays exactly the same but it does play great but it is just as frustrating as it was on the old consoles but only certain bits in the game but apart from some really frustrating levels and bosses it is just a really good xbla updated classic game.

Graphics are great all the levels look great the backgrounds are great and just a great updated version of the game and it looks great for how old the game was but there really colourful and all the levels are all designed well overall the graphics look great and all the levels look great and the backgrounds look great and has great music.

Gameplay is just like it was there is some coop levels there good but can be very awkward but are still good the normal game is great all the bosses mostly are great to fight and some funny boss fights there all great to fight all the levels are mostly good and it controls like it did you jump swing your head and shoot and some levels you pilot a small submarine that can be quite frustrating but still fun overall the game plays great but it hasn't changed since the last games.

Story is good and at certain parts is very funny it is usually told through comic script type of thing but is good for what the game is.

Replay there is some replay like playing the coop mode getting better scores and playing it on the original difficulty and getting all the achievements so there is some replay but not much.

the Good

great graphics
great gameplay
good coop
funny at certain parts
some replay

the Bad

can be frustrating
not really that much replay but there is some

Graphics 9.0/10.0

Gameplay 7.5/10.0

Story 7.5/10.0

Replay 7.0/10.0

Sound 8.5/10.0

Value 8.0/10.0

Overall 7.5/10.0 Good