Flawed, but still alot of fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | Earthworm Jim HD PS3
Really, all this game is is the original Earthworm jim from the 90's...IN HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With multiplayer, online multiplayer, bonus levels, trophy support, and the best part, you have the power to make Earthworm Jim himself say "Groovy" as many times as you want, YES, Gameloft has answered my prayers. Even if it does get quite annoying after the 57th "Groovy" I don't care cuz it's AWESOME! I don't know if this is any different from the 360 version since Gamespot gave it such a poopy review of 6.0 but if it is anything like that game, THEN I....can see why. Like i said in the review deck "it's flawed but still alot of fun" well beleive it or not, i wasn't lying. The biggest problem i had with this game was the HD itself, when playing through the levels that require you to move fast in order to complete them the very HDish controls make it hard to steer in levels like "Down the tubes" and Andy Asteroids" also, the projectiles that come at you in "Andy Asteroids" come waaaaaaaaay too fast making you constantly flying into asteroids and flying past all the speed boosts and bubbles that you need to collect.

I haven't tried the online multiplayer yet but i can say right now that if it's anything like the other multiplayer without voice chat in the game then oh boy. Now i'm not saying that the multiplayer is bad, me and my brother had a blast playing it together but the problem was that sometimes we had no idea what we had to do next in order to progress to the next level and involved me and my brother talking it over until we finally figured out what to do. I can't imagine two people from 2 completely different countries doing this without voice chat. Anyway that's all i have to say about Earthworm Jim HD for the Playstation 3 if your a fan of the series give it a buy but if your not into the whole lowbrow humor that you would see in other games like "Banjo Kazooie" and like to make a big deal out of tiny flaws in games you should probably just get the demo version first and see what you think.