Classic updated to HD

User Rating: 8 | Earthworm Jim HD X360
Another classic title gets re-vamped to the modern console era.

This time, it is the legendary Earthworm Jim. With improved graphics and new levels thrown in as well as the "classic mode" to keep the Jim fans happy and pleased (or to make it worth buying).

Gameplay, it is as good as you remember it. This wasn't ruined, but it can be tricky trying to figure the controls out. The side-scroll feel to it does feel aged compared to the modern games of this generation.

New levels are included, which makes this game feel like a Directors Cut more than anything else. Levels are unlocked in the same manner as other games do it, via the already existing levels. And there is a chance to "unlock" your very own EWJ suit for your avatar. Not telling you how to unlock it, but it is pretty easy to figure out.