Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Area Passwords

    At the start screen go to password and enter the following chain:

    Effect Effect
    3FH7KR LBBBBB BGLHFG Bedroom clear
    3FH7KR TZ0QBB BGVL2V Desolation clear
    3FHVBB BBBBBB BBLHXG Fight with Bob
    3FH7KR LBBBBB BB3HCQ Fight with Evil
    3FH7KR TZ0TGN JC3GFB Fight with Evil Jim
    3FH7KR TZ0QBB BCLL07 Fight with The Queen
    3FH7KR TZ0TGN JG7DZL Garden clear
    3FH7JB BBBBBB BBVKN7 Graveyard clear
    3FHVBB BBBBBB BGBHZB Laboratory clear
    3BBBBB BBBBBB BBBG3V Sci-Fi clear
    3FH7KR 7Z0TGB BCVKS7 Subway clear
    3FH7KR TZBBBB BCBJBG Sweetshop clear

    Contributed by: Tropicon 

  2. Happiness Level Password (Game Boy Color)

    This level only appears if you are playing the game in a Game Boy Color.

    Effect Effect
    3FH7KR TZ0TGN JG7GZV Happiness Level

    Contributed by: ReyVGM