Earthworm Jim 3-D for the PC is great! Great graphics, smooth game play, and a crazy storyline. It's GROOVY!!

User Rating: 9.8 | Earthworm Jim 3D PC
This game is really fun! This game deserves a way higher rating than the N64 version, especially if you have a PC Controller. The controls are great, the graphics are superb, and the game play is some of the best game play ever to be in an Earthworm Jim game. Yes, the camera could've been better. That I can admit, but still. This game is one of the best Earthworm Jim games I have ever played, and I think it's way too under appreciated. Maybe you should get a PC controller and play it before you go off and judge it because of it's controls. The game itself is different in every way to the N64 version. Game play and graphics aren't the only thing standing in this versions way of flawlessness. The game features Jim trapped in his brain, and he must recover his marbles and the golden udders to escape. On his way to do so, Jim discovers that some of his arch rivals managed to get inside as well. Jim must eliminate them as well. On this crazy adventure, Jim has to do some weird stuff (including pig sliding and grandma wrangling) to complete his mission. This game is amazing for an Earthworm Jim game. I would definitely recommend it if you are a fan of the Earthworm Jim series.