The camera KILLS this game. Otherwise, typical earthworm delights!

User Rating: 7.5 | Earthworm Jim 3D N64
(girly scream) PAIN!!!! What Earthworm Jim says mostly, lol. Earthworm Jim has had a series that is SO weird! The games themselves make no sense...but is that a bad thing? Actually, no it isn't. This game pulls off weird quite well. The thing is, this game resembles Spyro the Dragon 2, except this game has one HUGE problem...the camera!!! It wants to kill Jim! I thik Psycrow took over the camera! Darn that Psycrow! Oh, whoops, the review...

Actually, you aren't playing as Jim. Instead, you play as his huge ego because poor Jim is in the hospital in critical condition. What's the condition? Jim has...and I'm going to hurt myself for this...lost his marbles! (smacks myself) No, seriously, he did! All of the worlds feature marbles. Collect these to help improve your intelligence rating (if you didn't know that, you're as smart as a waffle!), which at times is very hilarious. The 3rd dumbest level you have is "You're as smart as Most Accountants" Utterly hilarious!!! Speaking of utters (wow, perfect segue), they're also golden utters all over these worlds. Find them, as you need all of them to complete the game. Very nice gameplay that reminds me of Spyro, the earlier years. And that was solid gameplay folks!

The only big flaw is the camera, which you HAVE to turn manually. There's no automatic following. I personally thought it was kind of stupid. I spent half of this game adjusting the camera angles than I did actually running around getting stuff. That really brings the game down, but if you're willing to do manual camera work, this game won't disappoint.

Rent this game first, because not everyone likes weird. If you ask me, as long as cameras don't annoy you (this one WILL), you'll like this game. The only thing missing are those cows saying "Well Done!" (Earthworm Jim 2 segue)