Has that weird BUT awesome Earthworm Jim universe aspects, however some of the game play mechanics bogs it down a tad bi

User Rating: 7.5 | Earthworm Jim 3D N64
I'm a huge Earthworm Jim since the beginning! I loved all versions of Earthworm Jim, I even have the PC version and Snes version of the first game. So when this game came out I was super excited. I rented it and had a fun time as a kid.

That was back then. Now that I'm reviewing it and beat it again just a year ago, my opinion is a bit different. (Don't worry I still love it) :P

It still has that wacky humor with an amazing cast of crazy characters/villains that we all love (Earthworm jim Fans).
But after beating it, I had a bit of beef with some of the gamplay aspects.

The biggest problem which I'm sure everyone hated with a passion are the boss battles. Earthworm jim fans OR not, it was horrible.
You are riding a pig and collecting stuff before the opponent. Sounds funny and it's alright as a first boss battle. BUT when they use that same idea for every boss battle it gets absolutely repetitive and tedious as well! Especially the last boss, my god was that annoying. T_T

Also, the camera is a bit weird at points when you want to land some platforms in the game.

Other than those two elements, the game is great. Maybe not the best for a newcomer to the series, but still a decent platformer for its time.

I beat the game 100% as well, got everything in it xD
so if I pulled that off, then it shows it's at least enjoyable!