User Rating: 2 | Earthworm Jim 3D PC
this game is terrible. this is the worst earthworm jim game. this game has left me wanting death. the boss battles, are absolutely horrible, it takes an hour or so to accomplish each one. the camera angles, were awful. ruined the gameplay, ended up going back to the same places over and over again. interplay has screwed the pooch on another good liscenced game, a la clayfighter. thanks for screwing things up.

even plugging a controller in for this game is abysmal. it is absolutely nerve racking. i seriously wanted to find a gun quick. this game is half-assed, the sounds were horrible, the level design sucked. the marble collecting, sucked. the action, sucked. this game is horrible. don't ever buy it for over 10 dollars.

This game is hard due to camera angles and boss battles.