Jim in 3D!

User Rating: 7 | Earthworm Jim 3D N64
If you were a game master and liked everything challenging and difficult, this is the game for you. EWJ 3D deliverers a great single player adventure in his brain! There are four different areas in Jim's brain. One of them are Jim's Memories,Happiness,Fears and Fantasies. In this game you have to collect marbles in order to get Jim's memory back and collect all the Golden Udders on your way. Although the the graphics and great polish is in this game I'm not too happy with the camera angle. The camera angle sometimes gets stuck into walls and you can hardly see what you are doing. The music is really fun to listen to but it gets more irritating as it repeats. The controls are brilliant for an N64 game. I'd rent it first and then see if it's worth buying it.