Satisfying mech combat worthy of a replay.

User Rating: 8.9 | Earthsiege 2 PC
When Earthsiege 2 was released it had to compete against a very serious contender in Mechwarrior II. Although both games captured giant robot fighting they took different approaches. While Mechwarrior II held an advantage with its beautiful 3D engine and original mech designs, Earthsiege instead offered a coherent and gripping storyline without the clan nonsense and instead focused on a more traditional man vs. machine battle on planet Earth and ultimately the moon. The story would then continue in the mech game "Starsiege", the two "Cyberstorm" tactical strategy games and ultimately into the "Tribes" series.

Earthsiege also added a strategic element in which the player got to outfit up to 8 "HERC" mechs by salvaging battlefield debris and using the scrap to build new chassis and weapon types. One design also allows the player to build a fighter plane which added a fresh view from above instead of constantly slugging it out in a walking heap of metal. I recently finished replaying the game out of nostalgia and can still conclude that although its production values are a bit dated it is still a very satisfying experience. Two thumbs up!