Best RPG of All Time.

User Rating: 10 | Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu SNES
In a world gone mad, a group of friends must stand up to various evils and eventually vanquish evil itself. Earthbound was a flash of brilliance, a game so inspired and so individual that it touched my very soul. Ness, our young hero, sets off on a journey to rid Eagleland and the entirety of Earth from the evils of Giygas, an ambiguous alien invader who has come with an army to crush the hero destined to kill the former. Filled with betrayal, sorrow, joy, and pity, Earthbound made my head whirl. Never before had such a multi-emotional game existed, and such a game will never exist again. Ness and his friends face the evils of corruption, jealousy, and various other fueling factors as they fight to survive. When you finally get to Giygas, your entire worldview of Earthbound is rocked. Truly, Earthbound has a strong moral of everything isn't black and white, as well as it shows us the true nature of evil.