If you like RPGs, then you have to experience EarthBound- of the greatest RPGs of all time!

User Rating: 10 | Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu SNES
EarthBound is a unique RPG. You live in a world during modern times, not medieval times. You attack enemies with baseball bats, frying pans, guns, yo-yos, slingshots, and more, opposed to swords, axes, spears, or bows. The enemies you fight aren't monsters or goblins or demons; they're dogs, hippies, Mad Cars, robots, aliens, etc. Also, you don't use magic, but Psychic powers (PSI). This game truly is a wacky one that RPG fans should play at least once in their lifetime.

The storyline is a unique one, too. You start off as a boy named Ness, who is rudely awakened late at night to the sound of something crashing outside his house. He goes to inspect what happens with his neighbor and dog, and finds a meteorite at the top of a hill. Suddenly, an alien from 10 years in the future comes out of the meteorite. He introduces himself as Buzz Buzz, an alien who escaped from Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer. He tells that in 10 years, Giygas will conquer the world and put the entire world under total darkness. Buzz Buzz tells Ness of a prophecy that states that 3 boys and 1 girl will stop Giygas, and that Ness is the leader of that group. Later, he gives Ness the Sound Stone which will hold the 8 Melodies, and he needs to take that Sound Stone to Ness' 8 "Your Sanctuary" locations and learn the Melodies. Now, Ness' adventure begins! You travel the world, gaining Psychic abilities and defeating enemies sent by Giygas, and going to the "Your Sanctuary" locations. Along your journey you meet up with a girl named Paula, who uses PSI like you do. You also meet a boy named Jeff, who hails from the faraway land of Winters, who also can fix broken items and turn them into deadly weapons. Lastly, you meet with Poo, the prince of the country Dalaam. Poo can also use PSI like you and Paula. Eventually, the quartet travels the world and gain all 8 of the 8 Melodies, and stop Giygas and save the world!

The battle system is like most Turn-based RPGs, so I don't believe I need to say much here.

The game's music is FRIGGIN' AMAZING!! You will have town themes stuck in your head instantly because of how catchy they are! EarthBound's soundtrack is a very memorable one that'll make you fall in love with it instantly!

The difficulty is very balanced. You shouldn't have any trouble going through the game whatsoever. At times it can be a little hard, but who doesn't like a little challenge here and there?

Lastly, the fun factor: EarthBound is one of the greatest, funnest, FUNNIEST, games of all time. RPG lovers will love it just as much as RPG haters will. It's one of the most addicting RPGs of all time that will have you replaying countless times!

So, to end this off, I highly suggest playing EarthBound. No, I highly suggest playing all 3 games in the Mother series! They all are unique games that must be played before you die. So, get yourself an emulator and a rom, or a Super Nintendo and an EarthBound cartridge, and play a game that'll change your life forever!