A Modern R.P.G., that can still hold it's own today, just as it did in the 1990's!

User Rating: 9 | EarthBound SNES

Despite the fact that I owned the Super NES when it originally came out in the 1990's, "Earthbound" ended up being part of a small group of games that despite the fact that I was interested in them, I never got a chance to play them. Even in later years, when I was playing the four "Super Smash Bros." when they originally came out, I never really understood (and I didn't respect) just WHY they kept including Ness, DESPITE the fact that he has so far, only actually starred IN "Earthbound"! But now that I have FINALLY actually PLAYED "Earthbound" for myself, I can finally understand, and respect, why Ness is in the "Super Smash Bros." games! "Earthbound" may only be one game, but this one game is all Ness NEEDS to make an impact on the video game world! By 1990's standards, this game is HUGE!!!! Even by today's standards, this game is STILL fairly long, and a SURPRISING challenge! It's no wonder the original game got packaged with a player's guide! In this game, it is of the utmost importance to save early, and save often! Always heal yourself (and your companions) whenever possible, and be sure to ALWAYS carry your important items WITH you at all given times! The ultimate objective of the game, is to find and destroy Giygas! But the road to getting there, is a LONG and challenging one! You have to find the eight Sanctuary locations, and record the sounds you find there (after beating VERY challenging bosses)! Once you record every single sound, you'll travel into Ness's mind, and after beating Ness's nightmare, find out the truth about Ness, his friends, and how they are destined to destroy Giygas! Then, you will be able to confront Giygas and defeat him, oddly enough, through the power of Mary's prayers! Although this game was given the equivalent of an "E" rating back in 1995; it should PROBABLY be adjusted to an "E10" rating today, for it's occasional usage of rude humor (people talking about characters wetting the bed, anthropomorphic puke, and occasional usage of the "C" word definitely put this game into the "E10" territory in MY humble, honest opinion!) Still this game gets a lot of respect from me! It even includes two references to The Beatles with "Yesterday," and "Yellow Submarine." And when you fly in the flying U.F.O., you'll even hear a MUSICAL sound version of The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again!" Any game that does that gets major BONUS points in MY book! So if you haven't played this game yet, you definitely owe it to yourself to get the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition Console, and play it now! Chances are, you will be FLOORED!!!! Enough said, true believers!