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Are you looking for a community where you can play a range of games with other like-minded gamers?

Take 5 minutes, and come and check out AbsoluteGaming and our website.

We are a gaming community. We offer our members a variety of league and tournament set ups all based around 1 vs 1. We were set up in 2009 as a group of gamers that wanted to get away from gamers that wanted to play with a win at all cost mentality.

We are expanding our site, and we are looking to introduce UFC 2 to the site. We want to run a variety of events, 1v1 tournaments and leagues, and we are looking for gamers who love UFC and love playing UFC 2 on Xbox One to come and join us and expand our UFC community. As we`ve said already, we`re a community that loves to get away from some of the randoms you play online, and play and arrange with other-minded gamers who want to create some competitive UFC action.

We also have a range of other games for you to also get involved in, should you play anything other than UFC and we try to acquire for a range of games. We`re a small community, but we`re continually trying to grow.

We also offer forums for you to get involved with discussion about a range of topics including Gaming, Sports, TV and Film, Wrestling and much more.

So, if you`re interested in signing up to a great community, then come along and check us out at absolutegaming.co.uk and sign up in the forums. From there, AG members will introduce themselves and make you feel right in.