Let me Wii and EA Sports Active help to get you on the road to fitnesses - the fun way!

User Rating: 9 | EA Sports Active WII
When Nintendo first released the Wii – everyone thought it was just a flash in the pan – a gimmicky console with a unique control system.
It was certainly no flash in the pan, but it was and still is unique in its control mechanism - you become the controller.
This became even more apparent when the Wii Fit was released, a special board that allowed you got 'get fit' while playing a game.
Some gym-bunnies scoffed and said there's no way a game could replace the actual going to the gym – and in some ways they were right.
I love the Wii Fit and you do get a fairly good workout from using it, but certain elements are missing - resistance training and cardio.
Thanks to a new release from Electronic Arts this has now been put to rights with EA Sport Active.
This combination of game and gadgets marries perfectly to form a title that could rival the gym experience.
I say rival because it could never replace the gym experience, but believe me it comes pretty close.
EA Sports Active, developed in collaboration with Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer, is a fully customisable workout that allows you to get fully motivated in the comfort of your own home.
I did discover that although perfect for the whole family to enjoy, it was originally designed for women seeking a simple, fun and cost-effective way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Not minding that fact, I decided to strap-on the leg attachment that houses the Nunchuck while you do certain exercises, put on sweats and give the workout a go.
The first one I did was an introductory, 21-minute workout, which included lunges, high flicks, running around a track, hitting a punch bag and a variety of other cardio-style exercises.
The exercises also make use of a large rubber band with handles attached that you stand on while using the resistance it provides to do some pretty excellent arm exercises – pulling, pushing and stretching.
The more you fold the band before standing on it – the more resistance, the tougher the workout – great concept!
You also use the normal Wiimote and the Nunchuck so when you run and move your arms, EA Sports Active knows just how much and whether you're really putting the effort it!
Aided by the on-screen assistant and the excellent tutorial videos, I was able to get through the workout without too much strain (apart from being shattered the other end!)
You can also make use of the Wii Fit board for certain exercises, although it would have been nice to be able to import the date – height, weight etc…from my Mii character without having to key in all in again. This could also be have been used to monitor weight changes etc, but these are really minor niggles.
I really like the fact that the activities are combined into a circuit that targets both the upper and lower body as well as cardio – not many 'get fit' games have managed to do that so well.
You can also workout with a partner to get fit together – and with immediate feedback provided on-screen you can see how many calories you have burned in the time you have been playing.
There are a whole host of activities to try as well as a 30-Day Challenge – which is essentially a road map that plots the route to getting fit – this is a new 20-minute workout each time you play.
If you fancy getting fit, but haven't really got the time or money to go to the gym, then this is definitely worth checking out.
Certain 'get fit' games, feel just like that – games – but EA Sports Active is different. It actually feels like you are properly exercising, only without the feeling that everyone is looking at your out-of-shape body.
This is what the Wii console was designed for – to allow you to become the controller – you control how fit you want to be.