Credit crunch workout.

User Rating: 9 | EA Sports Active WII
Just what I have been looking for now that I have become bored with Wii Fit. This gets me active without the gym cost which is a welcome relief.

Easy to do exercises and quite fun even with my poor coordination. I found that My Fitness coach needed more room to do the exercises and my lack of coordination in some made it hard for me to keep going.

The use of exercise band works better than expected and incorporating the Wii balance board means is great.

I think this will keep me going for some time and the goals that I can set for myself keep me motivated. If I ever get bored with this I'll switch between the other 2 games for diversity of exercise.

There is some annoyance with the exercise band and I get frustrated in trying to get equal resistance between each arm and folding the band to offer more resistance gets a little bit tricky and annoying sometimes. I look forward to any manufacturers that can overcome my issues. Sometimes I have the wire between the nun-chuck and remote tangling as well and if I am over vigorous in reps e.g. alternate knee raises the wire get in the way.