All the functionality of the Wii Fit with better workouts and continuity to keep the sweat going.

User Rating: 9 | EA Sports Active WII
Even though it has only been a few days. I am already impressed with EA Active. I was a consistent Wii Fit user and always wished there was a way to program in some activities instead of stopping, selecting and calibrating between each exercise. EA Active does exactly that. You will go through a predetermine routine or set up your own prior to starting.

Another great feature is how the activities are measured. Unlike the Wii Fit, the exercises are measured on how well you can balance in the yellow area. Instead, you just have to follow along with the trainer. If you do something wrong, she just corrects you. Overall, the exercises seem more intense, fluid and are measured by what you do not how well you can balance. It's a great way to workout at home.

EA Active provides a great variety of levels and activities to ease your way into working out, or to push your limits. If there is something it's lacking it is a weighing feature like the Body Test from Wii Fit. Fortunatley, if you have the Wii Fit Channel you can skill record progress that way.