A solid beat em up for fans and casual gamers

User Rating: 7.5 | Shin Sangoku Musou Next VITA
I am a big fan of the series and when this came out i was really excited. i roughly spent 12 to 14 hours playing this and in this time i found most of the pros and cons of the game

Gamplay 7.5/10
mowing down 100s of enemies make you feel like god. soon though it will get repetitive. the game play in this game is worn down sadly do too some touchscreen controls.many officers with the same type of weapon sadly had the same attack combo.

Controls 5/10
The new touchscreen controls were atrocious and it gets worse during a dual with a boss or officer. luckily, the basic buttons controls worked just fine

graphics 9/10
The graphics were great and were on par on some console games. It reminded me of dynasty warriors 7.

Sound 7.5
Sometimes the voices were cheesy in cut scenes. enemies had the same sound when you hit them. they were still very solid

Somethings they seriously need to work on

Free mode????????

There is no free mode in this game, a staple in dynasty warrior has always been free mode and for some odd reason its not in this title.

character combat styles

characters weapon combos seem like the same thing. if they have the same type of weapon like a sword, they have the same combat style. kind of disappointing since there's supposed to be unique characters

This game is worth the money, especially for casuals and fans of the series. the genre is beat em up so get ready for repetition.