Dynasty Warriors 9

User Rating: 6 | Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4


"Infiltrate enemy bases, destroy over a thousand enemies and knock down the enemy general - Welcome to the world of Dynasty Warriors."

Tested version: Playstation 4 Pro

Although the Dynasty Warriors series is not as well known as the Final Fantasy series, it is already turning 21. But will Omega Force be able to take this Dynasty Warriors 9 to success and make them forget the previous titles? I would say no and I'll explain why.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is a Hack 'n' Slash game (Musou) in the third person view with small Stealth elements and the overall goal of the game is to enter enemy bases, knock down a huge amount of opponents and knock down the enemy boss. For the first time in the series Dynasty Warriors, we have an open world format game, and that is the map of China. The user can walk freely, on horseback or by canoe, as well as buy, sell and craft certain things. The Day-Night cycle and rain are also present in this game.

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As in previous Dynasty Warriors, the story of Dynasty Warriors 9 follows the Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". This same story is told through the 94 playable characters in the game who come from the four biggest clans: Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin, so it will take some time to realize what really goes on during the game. Initially we can only choose one of the three officers from the Wei, Wu and Shu clans: Cao Cao (Wei), Sun Jian (Wu) and Liu Bei (Shu). The story can be enjoyable because of the interweaving of the characters.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, most main missions and side missions aim to break into enemy bases, knock down huge numbers of enemies and defeat the enemy boss. Sometimes we have to invade certain territories before we go to the final territory, so that our comrades can go to the front line, to demoralize the enemies, etc. The action is frantic and it's funny to feel like we're a god because we're defeating over a thousand soldiers. However, the game loses immense quality because we are repeating the same type of mission, now imagine that with 94 characters. Yes, we can perfectly turn the game without crafting, with the exception of healing items. I sense that this Dynasty Warriors 9 could have perfectly an online co-operative mode in the style of the Far Cry series. Dynasty Warriors 9 has a good range of weapons from blades, spears, bows, among others, which slightly alleviates repetitive missions and the fact that the fighting is little deep due to the lack of slight variation.

The map is fantastically vast, with lots of gorgeous natural sites to explore and places to conquer and visit. Graphically speaking, the characters are well designed and treated, despite the game having a few houses with few details and still have some graphic issues in most places even after the 1.03 update. The soundtrack, the voices of the actors (Chinese) and the sound effects perfectly fit the Chinese environment of the game.

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Also note that the player can hunt animals and fish, which can later be used in the Teahouse to temporarily increase our attack, defense and other statistics. When upgrading points, which can be earned through unusual enemies, the player can use them for Health Bar, Musou (special technique), Stamina, Attack, Defense, Power, Toughness, Speed and Bow Skill.

It is also possible to make Reforge the weapons either in the Trigger Attack (Launch, Stun and Knock-Down) or Reactive Attack (Counter, Guard Break and Assault), which can be embedded with Gems obtained, such as Colt Gem that temporarily gives + 1% damage when standing on the horse and gives 3 more Attack Speed.

Overall, Dynasty Warriors 9 is not a bad game, but was hampered by the enormous repeatability of the missions and technical errors. Maybe, who knows, if in the next Dynasty Warriors, the Omega Force will do better the homework, but it will be very difficult to believe.

Verdict: If you have Chinese patience and if you don't care about the mistakes, Dynasty Warriors 9 can be a good game.