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Pretty sure this has been said, but have there been any noticeable problems with some previous dlc. After downloading the *** voice dlc I had another reason to go back through the campaign and beat it on chaos, so I thought I'd go through it with some of the characters who of course were maxed out but had their ridiculously strong joke weapon dlc weapons. I've encountered a few characters that right after selecting them and their weapons it freezes right at the loading screen before the stage even gets to start. Would deleting then re downloading the dlc fix this as I do want to continue playing but this is really putting me off. I really don't mind it if I would have to re acquire the weapons again either. Also I don't know if this is the ps3 or 360 forum but my DW8 copy is on the 360.

I have been hearing that DW8 for the 360 for some reason only allows a certain amount of dlc to work and then just says game save data corrupted when there's to much, but I don't know if my issue is this since i'm just having major freezing problems. I also do want to get more dlc but if this continues I just might have to run a DLCless game, as the freezing was really a rare site until I got the dlc weapon set.