Mediocre Uncomplete Game, More Cons then Pro's

User Rating: 5 | Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3
This game felt extremely shallow, Like it was incomplete.

Con's First:

The Renbu Meter Just gets annoying
Everyones Cloned with same movesets different Skins
No Last Weapon, Just one.
Boring Level up and skill trees
Mount Variety Deprived.
Pixelated and ps2 like graphics
Characters were wiped because they were too lazy to create different move sets.
Not a Next Gen game.


You'll spend sometime admiring the game before it eventually gets shallow.
Grappling and Dodging were implemented.
Same Formula we know and love.
somewhat interesting story
Fun with friends (co-op)
faster paced combat
Swimming & Ladders
Interact with Stages. (break doors etc)

My advice?
Bargain Bin.

You should really think twice before getting this game if you want a game for its story, mechanics and variety because this game has none of it.