Square, square, square, square, triangle!, square, square...

User Rating: 5 | Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special PS2
The game has a pretty good box value. Appealing, the kind of look that you might think might be fun, lots of characters, real history characters, many real locations and historical battles. The ruse goes on when you put in the game. To the untrained eye, it seems fun. For a while you'll feel like this is a fun game that you probably should have rented first. Hours later when you have realized what web you have fallen into, it's already to late as you have already unlocked everything. It's the kind of game that feels like it might get fun the farther you get. It has everything required for a sub-par ps2 game. Weird thing is, the farther you get, the more you start to realize ( to the untrained eye ) that this game will go nowhere. Every character has the same moveset with different animations. Even when you unlock every horse, weapon, character, stage, and complete skill tree for every character, it will not get any more fun. For a while yes it is kind of fun to jam square and kill hundreds of enemies at a time, but this is no impressive programming feat, nor is it impressive to beat any level with any character on any mode in the game. Strange enough, in a game where it seems like the whole point is to unlock things, there isn't much to unlcock. Beat the game with every character and beat every special condition and still you won't get any kind of reward or will you be satisfied especially when you realize how much time you wasted playing this game. The game hsa no real strongpoints. The game's graphics are bad, sometimes choppy, and don't flow well. The music and what people have to say aren't really worth listening to, no redeeming characters. The skill tree is small and rather pointless because it won't take long to level them up and have everything anyway. I could go on like this but the point has already been made clear. This game has no good qualities. On top of that, the actual engines running the game can't be good because it lags so often. Camera issues will cause you to be attacked by enemy officers seemingly out of nowhere and once you get hit, your stuck until the end of their combo, in which case you will die unless you have one of an extremely limited supply of tomes. ( Tomes allow that character's special power. Arrows around his perimeter, more strength and can't hit down, etc. ) You could use your musou bar, but when you use it, half of it goes away, the rest depletes until it hits zero or you stop holding the button. You can use again only when you have acquired a lot of musou. Towards the beginning, you don't get enough, towards the end, you get so much that you can almost attack as often as you use musou.

Do not get this game if: You have a low tolerance for frustration, you get bored easily as jamming square and hitting triangle every now and then doesn't satisfy you, you like good graphic and sound quality.
To sum up, just don't get this game. If you're really curious, resist the urge. Don't even rent it. 5 out of 10.