Dynasty Warriors is back. Prepare for carpal tunnel.

User Rating: 7.5 | Shin Sangoku Musou 5 X360
Dynasty Warriors is back. Prepare for carpal tunnel.

Let me start off with some things I liked about the game.

Let me tell you that the ability to train a horse, climb ladders, swim, and jump while riding a horse (not to mention calling it back to you if it falls behind) makes DW 6 have a more open feel than its predecessor. Also, in 5 you just picked up a sword to advance your attack, in 6 you get XP from beating enemy officers (or completing bonus objectives), and you level up once you reach a certain amount of xp (50 being the max lvl) and you get to gain skills like switchfoot (increases speed) or horsemanship (makes your horseriding skills alot better) which gives it and RPG feel, which I liked alot.

Now let me tell you a few things that I didn't take too kindly to.

Clone characters. That's right, Koei stooped to making like 10 fighting styles that everyone shares, except for the characters with Musou modes. That's right, not all of them do.

Hardly any of them do, actually.

That's pitifully lazy, Koei.

The Good
*Same good ol' tedium of endless button mashing that is strangely appealing
*The ability to climb ladders and swim
*Being able to train horse (much like bodyguards on the other game) and jump while riding it
*RPG feel

The Bad
*Less mosou modes
*Same horrible English voice acting, gotta love it!

The Just Plain Ugly
*Clone characters

Gameplay: (8)
Sound: (6.5)
Story: Awesome period of history, too bad DW doesn't follow it more closely. (7)
Graphics: (7.5)
Multiplayer: Good, still no PVP, though. (8)
Replayability: (8)
Overall: 7.5