You have to be a fan of the series to overlook the bad qualities of the game....

User Rating: 7.5 | Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3
I have always been a fan of the 'Dynasty Warriors' series ever since the good old PS1 days. But my honest opinion is that you have to b a fan to actually enjoy it.

There are some definite down-sides to the game to any fan, the biggest to me was the 'cloning'. This hasn't happened since DW2 and is such a massive disappointment to have back on the PS3. Which is probably why the game has had such bad reviews; it just didn't contribute anything new apart from the 'Renbu' system which was a big plus in my opinion. Another downside was there were only two customizable options, basically changing the colour of the original costume into slight differences. Not at all satisfying.

But on the good side, there are once again an amazing selection of heroes/heroins to choose from all with unique weapons and costumes, and (for most characters) unique move sets (again, very disappointing about the cloning.)
The music is great, very fitting for the theme of the game. The controlling is very convenient when fighting; moving from one enemy to another in quick succession, makes the battling looking really 'War-like'.

Overall, a nice game to play for fans of the series, but my recommendation for anyone new to the series should play the other DW games until a newer (hopefully better) version arrives.

Thank you, and Happy Gaming :)