Worth having with or without dynasty warriors 5. But it might be a good idea to have or get it.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends PS2
This game is amazingly fun when you create your guy. Sadly though there are a few things I would make better. Lets begin with the pros and cons.

Pros: This games amazingly fun ( I think the ratings poor by critics because Dynasty warriors didn't change that much.) Its always awsome to take down hundreds to thousands of enemies ahead of time. Its always fun to take over enemy territory. The leveling up system makes it that much sweeter to make your created character a god in the field of battle. You'd have to begin easy and work your way up the levels though. That will end up being much simpler for you.

Cons: The leveling system DOES leave much to be desired. Its just to easy to max your character out and leaves you wandering if theres anything really you can do. You find yourself in the midst of battle tryying to collect all three weapons in each level ( There are only three in each level or, er, so I think.) It gets a little tideous when your just walking around with nothing to do to get to one point to the other. Then its boom baby insane killing when you finally get there ( woooh that releaves some tention)
Some levels would be alot more fun if you had alot more enimies to deal with. The levels are a crap load shorter then they should be from the original dynasty warriors 5 ( wich is why you should get both since dynasty warriors 5 and extreme legends sync together)
And a REALLY eritating thing is that you HAVE to play a normal character from the story in legend in order to play the SAME FREAKEN level with your created character from edit mode.

Anyway I hope the cons don't stop you from buyying this kickass game. The mere fact of putting yourself into a created character and taking down numerious enemies is enough for fun.I mean come on man. Who wouldn't want to rock out to some metal or hard rock (like myself) when slaughtering an intire militia?

Of course what would make that FAR better is if they would add some blood and goor too that.

Still all the options for different weaponary from each known character makes it a blast to just go freaken wild.
The story mode create a character is much different though. You don't get to play your character in legends mode right off the bat when you make it here folks. In story mode you get to begin as the lowwest rank, a private. Wich is kinda fun if you really want to go down and gritty with your creative side. Just go with detail what his first weapon was as a private and whom you chose to serve under (I LOVE THAT) and earn your stripes under your chosen commander and teacher in his or her fighting style. Be sure you know however that its a pain in the butt as the story goes on becuase they get harder. But for the most part follow your commander (he\she'll heal you every now and again or when he\she runs to get some rest) and watch your map for enemies closing in on your main camp and you'll do fine.

In short YES this is a game to buy if you want hundreds of rushing enemies to slaughter and allowwing some creative freedom to boot. Just be sure you get Dynasty Warriors 5 as well.

Yes I know all about Dynasty Warriors 6 but if you ask me (unless they already have creative freedom on 6 too. I don't know I've never playyed) This is a pretty freaken sweet game for anyone with a ps2 (just don't get the old xbox versions. NO Extreme legends on xbox just Dynasty Warrors 5).

Anywhozen I hope this was informative enough for you.