Mindless and uninteresting game

User Rating: 2 | Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends PS2
I have played this utterly pointless game a few times. But as soon as I got the controller in my hands, I knew I was in a ride that I would soon forget.

The gameplay is extremely repetitive, leaving almost zero replay value. The different game modes give no dimension to the game, they are pretty much the same once you break it down. Sure, there are a lot of items and weapons, but that does not impress me one bit. While playing, it is not very engaging nor challenging. It feels like a rotten Michal Bay movie, super simple plot, a lot of boring, predictable action sequences, and one dimensional dialogue. However, I will give the 1/4 of a full point to the game for character customization, but sadly, not deep enough or enough variety.

The visuals are not very impressive either. Each map is th exact same thing, change some colours add and subtract a few buildings and weather effects, and you have a "different" map. The so called "bases" are just a bunch of open wooden castles that looked as if a child has built it with toothpicks. Again, zero variety in buildings. Weather effects are boring and doesn't really have any effects on character performance (ie, raining, but character does not get wet). Animation is horrid and looks rushed. Small combination of movements make the game even more repetitive.

And, oh God, the AI. It is the saddest example of AI execution in any game. You can literally stand there for five minutes in a middle of a mob and not get killed. I went up to some guy and he doesn't attack me for 5 minutes. The generals and what not only seem to randomly run around and don't seem to do much help, leaving the player do to most of the work. The AI, or lack there of, makes politicians look smart; it is really that bad.

Furthermore, the audio is absolutely terrible. Background music sounds like crap coming out of ninety year old speakers. I mean, it is repetitive, not depth or feeling with the music. It is just, bad. It seems that the developers were on a tight budget and hired some 10 year old to mix the music. Voice overs are laughable. Doesn't sync with the lip movements (I know this is originally recorded in a foreign language but this is a poor excuse for not properly editing the visuals for an English audience) and the grunts get very annoying. All I hear is "eyah!" a millions times when I tear up a group of 300 people. I recommend muting your television when playing this game.

Overall, this is a poorly designed game. Ai is almost non-existent, graphics are horrid, and gameplay is not engaging. Yes, there is another DW game for the PS3, but from the gameplay videos that I saw. it is only a brushed up version of the previous games. The graphics are good, but the gameplay, from the looks of it, hasn't evolved to something more dramatic. I would personally say that Omega Force should think up something revolutionary for the DW series and actually target older audiences (like me). But it just looks like a mindless, IQ-less hack and slash games where little toddlers would eat up.

In my eyes, I'd like to see the DW to just end if Omega Force has burnt out all of it's ideas for the game.