Another game in the dynasty warriors series, and just a few new things that come with it.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends PS2
Game play 8/10
This game can be very fun; it's easy to just pick up and play, there are tons of characters to unlock and play as, and its hard not to suck at it. But after hours and hours of play, it can get somewhat boring. But after being bored of it for anywhere over a week or two, you may get the urge to pick it up and start hacking away at thousands of ancient Chinese warriors again. Dynasty Warriors is just a simple hack and slash game that is perfect for a wide range of people.
You get the character creation mode, and you can choose any main character's weapon style for the one that you are creating. But in order to play the free mode and the musou mode you need the original "Dynasty Warriors 5" disk. If you have played that, you can load all of your stats into DW5:XL.
It is also fun to play with a friend too.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are actually pretty good. the cut-scenes during game play use the same character models and everything; in other words the game play graphics is the same as the cut-scene graphics. The opening movie is the only one that is been "touched up."

Sound 10/10
What can sound better than thousands of ancient Chinese dudes screaming all in sync with each other? The sound of your blade hacking at people may not be realistic but it sounds very cool. And, unlike some of the other games in this series, the voice acting is good. The music is good and does not get old. As you play this game, you will find yourself humming along with the tunes this game has.

Value 7/10
For what you pay for this game, you would think that KOEI could put a little bit more features with it. Still it is a good game to get is you are a fan of the Dynasty warriors series.

Reviewer's Tilt 9/10
Dynasty warriors is one of my favorite game series. Ever since i got DW3, i loved it.