Explore puppet land in an interesting world with a balance issue.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dynamite Headdy GEN
Throughout this adventure I am treated with numerous amusing film references such as "Clothes Encounters" (Close Encounters) relentless developer self promotion and wierd and wacky stage props. This is one of the goofiest titles in the 16-bit era.

Headdy needs to use his head (quite literally) to defeat enemies, grapple and activate switches. Throughout his adventure he can change heads by collecting power-ups; each with a variety of different abilities. While some improve your attacks, others affect his health and size.

Most foes you will accounter will require a simple attack to defeat, while others require a little more brainpower; such as knocking bombs back at a tank as they are launched.

Controls, aiming, changing heads and platforming are all explained in the optional tutorial; each of these are presented as mini game format. This game is easy to play and it does a good job of introducing new players to this platformer.

Along with traditional side scrolling, you also go up, down and fly through the sky like a space shooter. Each of these modes adds to the enjoyment and keeps things fresh throughout the majority of play.

Scattered around each level are secret points. Which is nice and everything, however I feel the difficulty of finding them is far to high; relying on luck rather then skill. It would of been better if they told the player at least how many to find in each level rather then finding out about it in the end.

The game feels slightly off balance especially after the first four levels. After that point it is just far too punishing; with Instant death hazards lerking around every corner. These can include being crashed against two walls or bosses which require several attempts to get past. Don't get me wrong I like a challenge, but this game goes from really easy to hard very quickly, plus a lack of lives and continues makes this one tough title.

Most of the game is spent fighting bosses. The mini bosses don't have a lifebar and like most games they flash briefly after being hit. They poses a variety of different attacks and present a genuine challenge. Main bosses do have a lifebar which is very similar to mine except it has a massive B and its on the right hand side.

Tough bonus levels are the worst part of this game; with your character required to knock basketballs into the correct hoops to earn points, while avoiding the hazardous hoops and bombs. The reward? A number which I'm required to memorize and use at the end of the game to unlock the real ending and final boss.

Overall I had a good amount of fun with this game. Spend 800 Wii Points and join Headdy on his first, and last adventure.

Strengths: Weird and wacky environments, Good spite design, Entertaining boss fights.

Weaknesses: Balance issues, Not enough continues or lives, Boring bonus levels.