Friggin' Bizzare. Friggin' Hard. Friggin' Great.

User Rating: 8 | Dynamite Headdy GEN
So, this game is one of the most wonderfully bizarre games I've ever played. I'm going to go through it fairly try to keep up.

Here it goes.

You live in a puppet show world. You are a puppet. You are a puppet who can shoot your head at things. Your shooting puppet head can also grab onto things and lift your body up with you. You can change your puppet head to different kinds of puppet heads. These puppet heads can do things like help you climb walls, make you smaller, and shoot stars out of your pig nose.

You need to go collect keys so you can blow up a big robot later. You go from level to level fighting evil puppets and machines. One of the evil puppets you face is a cat head that attaches himself to machinery and tries to kill with me so far?

So you go from level to level. Destroying enemies. Bashing up killer robots. Collecting Keys. Watching your girlfriend steal those keys. Getting more and more frustrated as the enemies and levels get harder and harder. But the enemies keep getting more and more bizarre. So you can't get mad at the game. Because it is incredibly entertaining and strange. And when I say strange, I mean one of the bosses is a baby's head who opens up to be a boys' head, who opens up to be a mans head, who opens up to be an old man's head.

Eventually you get to the final boss of the game who is somekind of cloaked, masked demon. Because Demons want to rule puppets. You try like hell to beat him and fail a million times but if you don't suck horribly you can win. The End.

So there you go. It's like a fever dream. Or a horrible acid flashback. But one you're glad you had.