Beautiful, Zany, and Fun game! Who cares if know one knows it? Don't worry about the steep difficulty. You can cheat.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dynamite Headdy GEN
I recently bought this game for 8 bucks from the Wii shop channel. I didn't think the game looked good from Gamespot's screen shots, but once I started playing the game I realized how wrong I was. The game's visuals are extraordinarily weird, but in a very good way. You'll be dodging dismembered feet while topless body builders work out in the background. next thing you'll be climbing a building fighting an evil flying cat head. Often times while traversing these enemies I was reminded of the anything goes spirit of Wario Ware. And while the game play is very original its constant change of pace and content and carefully planned level design reminded me a little of Mario World. This is one of those old-school games where you have to start from the beginning if you loose your three lives. This game was created during a time when gamers were so hard core that they had no life's and would repeat the game over and over and over again just to see what the next level looked like. The games fun but not fun enough to have to restart and play through every level over again multiple times. If you want to get the most fun out of this game, just use the level select cheat code once you beat a level so you don't have to play it over again Here's how: (With a game cube remote), At the main screen press start once, then press x, b, left, right, a. then press start again and you'll reach the level select menu. This will save you hours and hours. Please don't be a hardcore gamer. Use this feature!