still got the magic after all these years

User Rating: 10 | Dynamite Headdy GEN
when i was younger i had a sega mega drive. i loved it to pieces and loved playin all the diferent games on it.
sonic the hedgehog 2, two crude dudes, echo the dolphin. But there was another game
DYNAMITE HEADY. remember when you are a kid there is always a really old retro game that you have the most memories of? well mine was this. over the years since i booted my sega i always remained curious if it was still as playable as it was. so i went on ebay and bought dynamite heady on the master system. but the problem was the only master system i had in th house was pap. bust. kaput. knackered. call it what you will.
so imagine my joy when its announced for the VC. over the moon. i thought "id sell my little sister to buy some points". i didnt need to as it was pay day the next day. so i downloaded the game of the shopping channel.
its still the best, craziest and most colourful game ive ever played. the controls are perfect, there seem to be more bosses then normal enemies though the bosses come in a stupid amount of shapes and sizes. there are lots of different types of gameplay such as flying on foot and auto running. there is a basic story to it but when a game is this mad it doesnt really need one. trust me people get this game for only 800 points you can get THE BEST game on the VC for the SEGA bar none.

do the right thing.

sell your sisters