A horrid game indeed.

User Rating: 1 | Dynamite Headdy GEN
This is a truly garish platformer. You play the title character, who can detach he head and chuck it at people. That's how you kill the bad guys. He's not the best character ever and you won't have fun playing him. The main problem with this game is that there are far too many backgrounds, sub-backgrounds, foregrounds, middle foreground etc. that you never really know where the character is or if it is safe to jump. Plus they are all moving which becomes very distracting. The color scheme is simply horrid. Nothing buck sickeningly bright pastel colors that make the game look like a packet of skittles more than anything else. I can only see this game being popular in Japan. The English translation just doesn't work. The story is something to do with an evil circus and rescuing your pals. Already done that in Rolo to the Rescue. Sorry. Stay well and truly away from this. It's even worse than that game where the robots turn into blingwads. A truly appalling experience.