Vita remote play question.

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Does anyone play this way, and if so, has anyone found the way to toggle run? I cannot find it anywhere and this makes it near impossible.

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Wow no responses? Bro you just met your savior, this particular game has a GLITCH which actually "Swaps L2 and R2 with L3 and R3" IF only more people were aware of this!!! (typical Techland, I'm not suprised) Now the controls should actually translate to the Vita as: (L3/R3 - The Rear Touch Pad) - (L2/R2 - The bottom left and right corners of the Touchscreen) but for some reason on boot up while connected in Remote-Play it somehow swaps them which is WRONG as it's just natural to use the rear touchpad for running, and believe it or not if you turn on the DS4 controller while in game (after booting the game up IN REMOTE PLAY) it will actually still be glitched and still flopped even on the controller itself.

Now I will tell you right now that even if you attempt to change the control scheme in the options menu of the game "while in Remote-Play" it will do nothing, now their are two solutions to fix this both of which unfortunatly require you to actually get up off the couch or toilet and use the controller/TV to correct, bummer! (No pun intended) A: (Manually start the game up with the controller and once in-game THEN connect in Remote-Play) or B: (Turning the controller on AFTER booting the game up in Remote-Play and going into the options, pressing Square to view controller layouts, and immidiately backing out without changing anything which you will then see the autosave icon in the corner and the controls will be FIXED, hooray!)

Its a weird glitch which unfortunately only seems to happen when you boot the game up while already in Remote-Play but fortunately the controller will fix it no problem with the steps shown above, but its best to just start the game up with the controller/TV and once in game connect in Remote-Play..

I HIGHLY recommend using ONLY: "Controller Layout Number 3" -In Remote-Play solely for the best possible experience (Trust me, you'll thank me later) and "Layout Number 4" -While Playing on the TV/Controller (My preference anyway, but I definitely recommend it)..

Thus you may now enjoy the game thoroughly while enlightened and keeping in mind the steps above and Remote-Play to your hearts content!

Goodnight... and Goodluck!