Repair issues

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Suddenly, I can't repair my weapons. It's my understanding that each weapon has a finite number of repairs before you have to junk it, but I'm talking weapons with3 out of 3 repairs remaining. Is there some inventory item you have to have to make repairs? (I didn't think so). Tired of holding down "Y". Has anyone else had this problem?

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@pfunkk: You need to have metal available to repair weapons. The small gear next to the number of repairs made, indicated by a hammer, tells you how many spare metal you have. You can find more around the city or by breaking down others weapons in the inventory menu.

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Yeah, I kinda figured, but I had 189 metal, so that wasn't it. Restarted a few times to no avail, then it just started working again. All's well that ends well. Most likely a glitch (From Techland??? I know! Hard to believe right?!)