Dying Light Multiplayer ain't working for a lot of people

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The Way of Releasing Unfinished Games with very high price ( but with nice advertisings )

Dying Light : 70 euros ( release price )

( Techland / Warner Bros )

"A small patch for Dying Light has been released this afternoon, addressing some problems with multiplayer stability in co-op and ‘Be The Zombie’ modes. This is not a performance optimisation patch, but Techland says the studio is still working on certain issues pertaining to frame-rates and other technical problems."

If you ( Techland ) are stil working on the game then don't release it .

On the playstation store there's a description text of the game that says 2-5 players online , I bought this game 70 euros ONLY for the multiplayer mode , I CAN'T PLAY multiplayer , each time I join someone , the game crashes 30 secondes after …

This is misleading advertising , I want my money back …

Dead Island : 70 euros ( release price )

( Techland / Deep Silver )

Dead Island 1 on playstation 3 ( made by Techland aswell ) had the same problem , at the beginning of the game I was able to play multiplayer for a month or two with only a few bugs … ( still had bugs but minors ) then exactly the same thing as Dying Light , constant crashing … right after the multiplayer connection .

That is a disgrace !!

Dead Island release price was 70 euros aswell …. for a game that does not work correctly .

and now you can see Dead Island 2 nice advertising on TV ...

Little Big Planet 3 : 70 euros ( release price )

( Sumo Digital / Sony Computer Entertainement )

this game is sold as an online multiplayer game , I can play alone , I can play co-op with my friend offline , but when I'm alone and I want to connect to other players online , I can't … Little Big Planet 1 & 2 were working fine …

Error message , the game does not crash but you can't connect to others players … I have NEVER been able to connect to another player online … and I've tried for a month . so same thing as Dying Light , the editors of the game are saying " yeaaaah we're gonna patch it " that's the new fashion , " we're gonna patch it "

They don't patch it ,or they do after a year , but I'm not interested into buying a new game for the next year you know .

They are stealing our money .

So I've spent some time on forums for ALL of my games , seeing people crashing and complaining , realizing that all our complaints don't have any correct response , seeing all the editors saying " we're gonna patch it " in fact that means we don't care , we have your money , the game's never going to be fixed , wait until next buged game , it will be awesome .

GTA V : 70 euros ( release price )

( Rockstar Games )

the game has been released buged on playstation 4

the bug was almost the same : impossible to play online , game crash , etc… Rockstar Games did correct it with a patch after a week or two . Now the game works fine and is very fun ! GTA Franchise is very good . So this can be considered as a counter example but the game was still released buged , 70 euros for a game that was not finished .

FIFA 15 : 70 euros ( release price )

( Electronic Arts / EA Sports )

online works fine … but …

I've played FIFA since FIFA 12 , and FIFA 15 is the worst release I've played because of the " ingame bugs " .

The goalkeepers are shit .

Right after the kickoff it's really easy for a player to go through the whole defense alone and score because the computer defense is not ready yet .

Some players are abusing the new " ultra defense " mode and then the game's not fun for the opponent .

Very often when you try to defend in the goalkeeper surface , there's a penalty .

Etc… etc… you can find a lot of complaints on the internet from gamers . the gameplay is full of nonsense .

You can see videos in which gamers make fun of the stupid Artificial Intelligence , you can see in those videos , ugly / impossible goals for example …

All of this ignored by the editor … surely because to fix this problem , they have to release a complete new game …

This game in my opinion haven't been tested properly before it's release , but it has a very nice advertising with messi so that's alright if the gameplay is more than poor .

70 euros for a buged game once again …

In conclusion :

The video game market is a very lucrative market , they make a lot of money these days and we can't play our games anymore …

But the adverts are very nice on TV ( Call of Duty , FIFA , FarCry , etc… )

I'm aware that they are more and more demanding on the graphic point of view and on the connections between players .

but 2 or 3 years ago , it was working fine …

I've been playing Playstation since the very beginning , since Crash Bandicoot when I was a kid , and this is the first complaint I write .

I'm very dissapointed , those companies stole my money .

It's not a single mistake on a single game …

the games must be fun to play and you companies should guarantee that , but they don't care about gamers anymore .

My nickname on PSN is Fraud56 but you developpers are the real fraud . You're selling games that are not working , You have no respect for users . I think I'm a nice person but I'm starting to understand more and more those who are hacking your systems .

ps : and when the playstation is hacked for something like 2 months over the last 3 years … playstation's compensation is 5 days of free network , that's very nice of you , thanks a lot , good bye .

thanks for reading