About time a decent looking first person zombie survival game was announced!

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I've been dreaming of a true first person zombie survival game since Dead Rising and NOTHING has delivered. I was losing hope that I'd ever see one as people keep whinging that zombies are over-used. Yeah there may be a lot of zombie games but not ONE does it right so far and truly delivers what fans of the Z apocalypse genre actually want. Here's hoping Dying Light finally gets it right.
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Agreed... and from the guys that brought us Dead Island. Looking forward to seeing more of this game.

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I also belive in this game. DI was ok, but adding parkour to slaughter zombies looks really promising. BTW, this is a nice wink to DI fans :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eAnT4Vf0JE
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I was so eager for DI, but was THOROUGHLY disappointed. It was fun for like the first few hours, then got extremely old. I want a Walking Dead (TV show)-style survivor horror game. An open world where you can choose different paths, like choose different members to join your group, find weapons, ammo, supplies, food, etc. A full on apocalypse scenario. I want the freedom of Skyrim with a never ending supply of zombies and/or evil creatures. Plenty of quests like Skyrim or GTAV, with plenty of melee weapons, weapon creation, & firearms. I really didn't like the "melee based" DI. I also want ONE GOOD HEADSHOT to put a zombie down. Destroy the brain, it's over. Not hack-and-slash "Higher level zombies" that can just take immense damage. I want to save people, kill people, protect my group, find my own shelter or spot to hold my base and live. AND make it co-op, I want to join with my friends/family. Also, I want full character creation. Character looks, and special skills and stats to customize. I would like to even go as far as growing a garden, hunting and fishing for food if I choose to. Honestly, sounds like a job fit ONLY for Bethesda. I want to be in control of the game, not be controlled by it. But I might as well give up hope for the perfect Zombie Apocalypse game, every single zombie game has let me down. I guess I'll just have to stick with Skyrim and wait for ESO (fingers crossed)...

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@enterpineal: sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, but TESO is a terrible, terrible game. If you want to play it because it's an mmo, go ahead. If you want to play it because it's an Elder scrolls game, don't get your hopes up. This game took being an MMO over being an elder scrolls game.

As for dying light, this game looks amazing :)