A game for programmers, designed by programmers and sleeps with nothing but programmers

User Rating: 6 | Dwarf Fortress PC
Some people just know how to code. They see everything in code. They see through the most impressive bells and whistles of the greatest of graphics engines and just see the mass of code that went into making those jugs sway in the wind. Like in China during those massive dragon dance festivals, the audience see a breathtaking show while the men on the inside of the dragons only see sweaty construction. Even if for a second they could enjoy the spectacle, it would more than likely just be an enjoyment of the progress to create such a wonderful finished product.

These people can do amazing things with computer software. They crack games, stream us porn, create viruses and make facebook. You don't need to explain to them how to play Dwarf Fortress. They probably already have the Drawf Princess right now in their bedroom and are boning the living daylights out of her as we speak. For the average retard like me, figuring out how to play Dwarf My Castle's Nipple is like figuring out how to do the moonwalk with no legs. When I attempt to play games like this and fail miserably I get some satisfaction out of knowing that some smarter person somewhere else in the world is having fun with this very same game. But I just wonder how the creators could have thrown me a rope and helped me on board instead of watching me drown out at sea in the middle of 3 hungry great whites. All of us just want to be on board, even if the boat looks 10 years old and could be rendered by my Atari.

The mind will float until your body fills with iron