Clean up crap like an armadillo with a jet pack

User Rating: 7 | Dustforce PC
These days im using a macbook from 2010 so the indie genre is the most convenient spot for me to look for new games, downloading whatever is recommended to the public on the internet. This time around I got my fingers stuck up DUSTFORCE's pleasure pit.

Side scrolling action, you play as one of four janitors cleaning up **** that's laid out in different length segmented chunks on the floor; sometimes on the walls and ceilings; sometimes clinging to a furry animal or rock, hard gargoyle. Your job is to clean the place up in fashion. Sliding around the levels like your on an invisible hover-board. What made me chuck this game into the dumpster so fast may not make you do the same thing. I just personally can't stand games that force you to 100% clear levels. I understand the bonus aspect of that. Maybe the developers toss you a complimentary t-shirt or give you a bonus level for demoting so much of your already worthless life to absolute perfection. In Dustforce however, many of the levels are locked and the only way to get the keys to open them is, yup, you guessed it. 100% completion of the previous level. Sorry guys. But I ain't got the time to play dusty Mcscrufferson all friggen day just to advance to the level 1-2. The gameplay is pretty sweet though, maybe that's because I'm a fan of skateboarding...I don't know. It's worth downloading and playing a couple levels but you'll forget this game faster than a broad you eyed after 100% completion of a 30-rack. Probably not a bad game to play while you're on the can either.