Although the shooting mechanics could be tweaked, the 1.3 update made the game far more playable and fun.

User Rating: 10 | Dust 514 PS3
With the 1.3 update, this game became far more polished and balanced. This is currently my favorite shooter available, and it's free!!! I look forward to the upcoming updates. This game bring a competitive yet strategic approach, which is different than most FPS games available. DUST 514 continues to improve and the community remains strong. I have hope for this ambitious game to become even more polished and playable. I also believe that they will listen to the critics demands of faster progression, by tweaking the amount of skill points the player earns. Everyone just needs to remain hopeful and look forward to the updates that are coming. And updates are coming MONTHLY. This has been confirmed by CCP and so far they haven't lied. Adding new drop suits, more polish, and more customization every update, this game surely will continue to grow. Recently I have seen even more EVE players recruit DUST corps for their own personal gain, which is incredible. Those are the standards the game was based on. DUST 514 offers great fun for those looking for an immersive FPS game with great customization.