Hard, Complex, Fun, Unintuitive, Broken, and most importantly New.

User Rating: 6 | Dust 514 PS3
This game has issues... Lots of them. the vehicles handle poorly. The infantry don't really handle all that good either even "with" a keyboard and mouse. The games environments are bland and for the most part empty. The impact you have on New Eden is barley felt, or rather doesn't give you a reason to care enough. The U.I is basically an excel spreadsheet on top of everything else mentioned or not.

Despite this, the game does have a slight charm to it when you get around the rough edges if you so allow yourself to anyway. One thing that should be pointed out is that this is an MMOFPS. Due to this fact the games state is not entirely set in stone and will get better over the course of time with the help of players who play the game and are willing to tolerate its iniquities to help make it better by giving feedback; at least for the time being.

If one thing is to be certain its that CCP knows how to create deep worlds that focuses on the players who inhabit them. While this game is not there yet like any MMO it will take time to bring it to the glory that they claimed it would be; they are not the first to claim this. On that note it's free and so is PSNet. You can check out what CCp wants to do with the game in the next 12-18+months by viewing the Eve Fanfest 2013 Dust keynotes on CCP's YouTube channel.

Would I recommend this to hard core FPS gamers: No, at least not yet. However, you all should at least keep an eye on it from time to time. It may reach a level you will appreciate.

Rating: 6.2