Great idea, great potential, but not there yet, and questionable wether it will ever be.

User Rating: 6 | Dust 514 PS3
Behind Dust 514 is a great idea. A shooter with 'real' repercussions within itself and through its connection to Eve-Online. This makes it possible for unequal battles to be fair and to have a living market of weapons and gear. Most importantly this will drive people to team up together to win. The connectivity to Eve-Online amplifies this sense further. In theory, players would be involved in wars that impact thousands of players.

However, it still has its problems. Its rather complex, however that's also matter taste. It does allows for greater diversity. But the major issue is that the features that would drive it are simply not there yet. There is yet barely any connectivity to Eve-Online, and the market is still controlled by CCP. The sense of repercussion you will feel is tightly controlled. However there is promise that CCP will deliver it in due time. In fact, this month's updates are interesting.

For me emotional context is important in a game, but I, as a reviewer might be prejudiced. Though I normally play single player games only, the promise of this game drew me out anyway. But i was rather disappointed, you'll get the thrills of killing another player like in any other FPS, but without the game adding much flair to it. Environments are bare bone post-modernistic technical sci-fi. Little is done to enliven them. A news feed in your quarters is about the most they did.

Connected to the previous is a third concern: the lack of a permanent social environment between games. Currently it exist only in chat boxes. At this point its is more like a sequence of linked battles trough money. The next patch will improve it trough some sense of ownership. However, the chat-boxes will still be the main social environment. There is no way to really personalize and express your character, group or processions. If interaction is rather limited with your own team, let alone the opposing side. You wont spend time taunting others. This makes winning or losing rather technical and financial instead of being entertaining.

This lack of attention to social and emotional effects is also missing from Eve-Online itself. If the attachment of this game was supposed to add this side to the Eve-universe, they still have a lot of work to do. However with they way their road map looks, with generated maps instead of artistically designed maps, I doubt they will anytime soon. Where it was in someway excusable that spaceships weren't all that interesting, here its inexcusable. Currently however you do have a decent and free major shooter, but if you have the money, id go for a different one.